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Portlaoise St Peter (C of I)

RegionCo. Laois
Uploaded byStanley Monkhouse
Henry Bevington and Son (1901)

St Peter, Portlaoise, Church of Ireland

Open Diapason8
Flauto Traverso8
Dulciana (shared bass)8
Open Diapason (shared bass)8
Lieblich Gedeckt8
Cor Anglais (flue, shared bass)8
Mixture 12, 15-
Vox Humana8
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great
Swell Sub Octave (acts through couplers)
2 composition pedals to Great
2 composition pedals to Swell
Electric blower
Hand blowing retained
Hitch down swell pedal
Mechanical action


Portlaoise St Peter's picture

The Rector writes:

A donation from the Odlum family led to a group from the church travelling to Bevington's workshop in London where they saw this instrument waiting for a home. They said 'that'll do', signed the cheque and came back to Maryborough, The organ arrived some time later. It was a good choice, and well judged apart from the fact that the longest pipes of the Bourdon and the Great Diapason needed to be mitred to fit. There's more about the acquisition, and a tragicomic story about an organist judged unsatisfactory, in the history section of the church website:

The stoplist is unexceptional, but the quality of tone and forthrightness of voicing are remarkable. The sound heard by the player is big, but on the floor of the church, especially at the Altar, the sound is bigger still. A normal congregation of 50 people can be led on Swell Diapasons 8 and 4. Great 8 and 4 diapasons, with Pedal 16 coupled to Swell reed and Principal make a satisfying organo pleno. The brightness of the Great Principal makes up somewhat for the lack of upperwork, and when used with the 8 Flute there's more than a hint of fifteenth. Both 8 ft flutes are of open pipes from middle C up. The Cor Anglais is a flue stop of string tone, and combines well with the Lieblich. The Vox Humana, in a small extension at the back of the swell box, is a full compass stop. When in tune, it's a fine sound and a useful colouring agent. The stop-head is out of line with the others, and the engraving doesn't match. Was it a later addition?

Visitors are always welcome to play. Contact the Rector on 087 365 2365.