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St. John's Church of Ireland, Whitehouse, Newtownabbey

RegionCo. Antrim
Uploaded byMark Mooney
Foster & Andrews, Hull (1877)

This is a lovely Parish Church, on the main Shore Road in Newtownabbey.
The Organ has 3 manuels and was originally built by Foster & Andrews, Hull in 1877

The Organ has been rebuilt by the Irish Organ company (date not known)

The original Console has been replaced with the current one - probably by the Irish Organ Company during their rebuilt which may have taken place in the late 70' early 80'

The Organ has a warm tone, but since the rebuild it has become very under scaled for the large building. It would have been a charming Organ if it hadn't have suffered the rebuild by the Irish Organ Company, but in the right hands - and restored back to it original state it would be a fantastic Instrument.


Open Diapason - 8ft
Leiblich Gedact - 8ft
Echo Gamba - 8ft
Voix Celeste - 8ft
Gemshorn - 4ft
Mixture - III
Cornopean - 8ft
Oboe - 8ft


Rohr Flute - 8ft
Viole D'Orchestra - 8ft
Flute D'Armour - 8ft
Leiblich Flute - 4ft
Clarinet - 8ft


Open Diapason No.1 - 8ft
Open Diapason No.2 - 8ft
Hohl Flute - 8ft
Principal - 4ft
Flauto - 4ft


Open Diapason - 16ft
Sub Bass - 16ft
Bourdon - 16ft
Bass Flute - 8ft
Oboe - 8ft


Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Choir to Pedal
Swell Octave
Swell Sub Octave
Choir Octave
Swell to Choir
Swell Sub Octove to Great
Swell Octave to Great
Swell to Great
Choir Octave to Great
Choir to Great