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St. Joseph's Church, Glasthule, Co. Dublin

RegionCo. Dublin - County
Uploaded byRónán Murray
George Benson (1896)
J.W. Walker & Sons Ltd (1996)
Trevor Crowe Ltd (2014)

This fine symphonic organ, replacing a large two-manual John White instrument of 1872, was built by George Benson of Dublin and Manchester in 1896 and inaugurated by W.G. Price, Belfast City Organist, in January 1897.

Compasses are 58 notes for the manuals (though the replacement console, while reusing the original stop knobs, has claviers of 61 notes) and 30 notes for the pedal.
The organ underwent modifications in the 1950's and was restored by J.W. Walker in 1996, including electrification of the actions and piston system (originally tubular-pneumatic) and reversal of most tonal changes. Pistons are instantly adjustable by capture system and the swell pedal is mechanical and centrally sited.

Since 2002, Trevor Crowe has upgraded the organ with the addition of sub-octave couplers, Pedal Soubasse 32, an enhanced piston system, and, starting in 2014, a Pedal Bombarde unit utilising recycled Cavaillé-Coll pipework, Great Bourdon 8 and Twelfth, and upward extension of the Pedal Bourdon unit, the trebles of which are now sited behind the central "dummy" pipe facade in the gallery. The key action to the Great was also replaced, resulting in much enhanced reliability, promptness and repetition.

The instrument has been in Trevor Crowe's care since 1997.

The organ is played at the 11.30 Mass on Sundays and at several concerts throughout the year.

Double Diapason (actually a Bourdon)16
Open Diapason (Large)8
Stop'd Diapason and Clarabella8
String Gamba8
Bourdon (ext. Double Diapason)8
Harmonic Flute4
Twelfth2 2/3
Mixture (19-22) (originally Open Diapason (Small))II
Trumpet (hooded)8
Clarion (hooded) (originally Clarionet)4
Lieblich Bourdon16
Open Diapason8
Lieblich Gedacht8
Viol D'Amour8
Voix Céleste (T.C.)8
Octavin (prepared at console)2
Mixture (17-19-22)III
Voix Humaine (prepared at console)8
Soubasse (acoustic)32
Open Diapason (12 notes wood, then treble from Great Open Diapason)16
Violincello [sic]8
Bass Flute (from Bourdon)8
Quinte (from Bourdon)5 1/3
Flute (from Bourdon)4
Bombarde (recycled Cavaillé-Coll shallots)16
Trompette (ext. Bombarde)8
Clairon (ext. Bombarde)4
Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great Sub-Octave
Swell to Great Super-Octave
Swell Sub-Octave
Swell Super-Octave