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Galway Cathedral - Choir Organ

RegionCo. Galway - Galway City
Uploaded byRay O'Donnell
Trevor Crowe Ltd (2006)

This Choir Organ in Galway Cathedral is a movable one-manual positive instrument with four stops. It was commissioned in 2006 as part of the rebuild of the Gallery Organ.

The organ is larger than the average box organ, being designed to allow the pipes to speak without obstruction as well as to allow easy tuning by one person. The blower is located inside the case, resulting in a completely self-contained instrument. It is played standing up, and the entire top rises to form a large music desk.

The organ is also voiced to be somewhat louder than the average box organ - it was voiced to be comparable in loudness to the positive division of the Gallery Organ - and can hold its own against a fair-sized congregation. It can also be heard comfortably over a small orchestra, making it ideal for use as a solo instrument in Baroque organ concertos, or in a continuo role.

The instrument is normally located in one of the Cathedral's side-chapels, where it is in regular use for smaller-scale liturgy. However, being mounted on castors it can be moved anywhere on the Cathedral's smooth marble floor, and features frequently in concerts.

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