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St Mary's Church of Ireland, Carrigaline, Co. Cork

RegionCo. Cork - County
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Peter Conacher & Co. (1900)

David Butler writes: "This pipe organ was installed in 1900 in St Paul's Church of Ireland, Clogheen, Co. Tipperary, by Messrs Conacher & Co., Dublin & Huddersfield, and paid for in full by members of the Grubb Family of Clogheen and district, converts from the Society of Friends a few decades previously. This church was deconsecrated and closed on 31 March 1976, at the end of the final incumbency of Cahir Church of Ireland Union. The church is now St. Paul's Community Centre. The organ was offered to Holycross Abbey, then nearing completion, but was refused, on the grounds that it was too small. This is the official reason, but the Church of Ireland minute of donation had clearly stipulated that it be stated, possibly with a plaque, that it was a gift from the Church of Ireland.

"I played it for the first time on December 17th [1999] in its home since 1976, St. Mary's Church of Ireland, Carrigaline, Co. Cork. It has been fitted into a former public gallery (there is still one to the side of the church), and it mostly fills this gallery. The tops of the tallest pipes had to be cut to fit under the ceiling, and the painted pipes go around one side also, in an probable rearrangement from the original. The organ is virtually the twin of the organ I play in St Paul's Church of Ireland, Cahir, also by Conacher (1896). There is a flat pedal board of 30 note encompassment (Cahir is bowed) and old-fashioned hitch-type swell box. In addition to Cahir's two great foot levers, each bringing out two stops, there are also two for the swell, bringing out 1 and 1+4 stops respectively."

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