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St. Nahi's Church, Dundrum

RegionCo. Dublin - County
Uploaded byMatthew Breen
Telford & Telford ( ?)

Situated on a hill behind the Dundrum LUAS bridge, St. Nahi's is a historic church surrounded by a large graveyard containing the graves of many famous people.
Previously, the music in St. Nahi's was provided by a large harmonium (which is still in the church but is, sadly, almost unplayable). In the early 1990s a small one manual pipe organ built by Telford and Telford (originally in another church) was installed.

This delightful seven stop organ is situated at the back of the church in the corner and is more than adequate for the little church.

The Pedal is of limited compass and is permanantly coupled to the manual. Some stops are Bass only (Bottom C - Tenor C) and some are Treble only (Tenor C up) while others are full compass.

The Leiblich Gedact, Dulciana, Principal and Harmonic Flute are enclosed in a small swell box.

Bourdon (Bass)16
Open Diapason (Full Compass)8
Lieblich Gedact (Treble)8
Stopped Diapason (Bass)8
Dulciana (Treble)8
Principal (Full Compass)4
Harmonic Flute (Treble)4
Pedal (CC-G - 20 notes)
Permanantly coupled