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Church of the Assumption, Tullamore

RegionCo. Offally
Uploaded byTom Monaghan
Frobenius (1965)

The Frobenius organ at the Church of the Assumption is unique in its scale and history, it being the gift of the members of the Lutheran National Cathedral parish of Our Lady (Vor Frue Kirk) in Copenhagen.
The organ was built by one of the world's leading organ-building firms, Th. Frobenius of Lyngby (Copenhagen), in 1965 for the great cathedral church of Denmark's capital city. Number 630 in the manufacturer's catalogue, it is a sizeable mechanical-action instrument, consisting of 53 speaking stops (the largest number ever installed in a Frobenius organ), three manuals and pedals, and 3,916 pipes.
The Tullamore Summer Organ Series takes place annually featuring some of the finest organists in the world.
See full, details of the organ and the series here:
There is also a lovely Youtube video here:

Organ Specification


Bourdon 32
Principal 16
Subbass 16
Quint 10 2/3
Oktav 8
Gedakt 8
Oktav 4
Koppelflojte 4
Nachthorn 2
Cornet V
Mixtur VII
Basun 16
Fagot 16
Trompet 8
Zink 4

Swell (I)

Rorflojte 16
Rorflojte 8
Fugara 8
Vox Celestis 8
Principal 4
Gedaktflojte 4
Rornasat 2 2/3
Blockflojte 2
Terts 1 3/5
Sifflojte 1
Mixture IV
Trompet 8
Obo 8

Great (II)

Gedakt 16
Principal 8
Gedakt 8
Spidsgamba 8
Hulflojte 4
Quint 2
Oktav 2
Waldflojte 2
Cornet V 8
Mixtur VI
Scharf IV
Dulzian 16

Brustpositiv (III)

Gedakt 8
Quintaton 8
Rorflojte 4
Principal 2
Quint 1 1/3
Sesquialtera II
Cymbel II
Ranket 16
Vox Humana 8


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