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St Paul's Church, Glenageary

RegionCo. Dublin - County
Uploaded byMatthew Breen
Forster and Andrews, Hull (1870s)
Derek Verso & Co. (1993)

This organ was originally a Forster & Andrews built onto the back wall of the church. However, when the present sanctuary was added, the instrument was moved into a newly built chamber. At that stage was almost identical in specification to the organ of St Philip & St James' Church, Booterstown. However, in 1993 Derek Verso carried out a major rebuild. The organ was taken out of the chamber and placed in the South Transept of the church. New casework was constructed, modeled on the original front paneling. Old dummy pipes (found in the crypt) were added to make a new side-facade. A great number of new stops were added and a new console was built (retaining the original keyboards), including a 16-memory combination system.

The Specification-Changes:

1. Replaces a "Twelfth 2 2/3".
2. Replaces a "Flute D'Amour 8".
3. Composition altered.
4. Added at a later date, from Pedal "Bombarde 16".
5. Replaces old "Salicional 8".
6. Replaces a "Bourdon 16", pipework from old "Salicional 8".
7. Replaces an "Open Diapason 8".
8. Replaces old "Horn 8"
9. Resultant, from "Subbass 16".
10. Removed from Swell and placed on Pedal in previous years.
11. New rank.
12. Extended from "Subbass 16"
13. Extended from "Principal 8"
14. New rank, bottom 12 pipes are wooden.

Open Diapason8
Bell Gamba8
Stop't Diapason8
Wald Flute4
Nazard 12 2/3
Tierce 21 3/5
Mixture 3III-IV
Trumpet 48
Stop't Diapason8
Salicional 58
Voix Celeste 68
Block Flute 74
Trumpet 88
Acoustic Bass 932
Open Wood16
Subbass 1016
Principal 118
Bass Flute 128
Octave 134
Bombarde 1416
Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
6 General Pistons(Thumb & Toe)
6 Divisionals to Swell(Thumb)
6 Divisionals to Great & Pedal(Thumb)
Sw/Gt Reversible(Thumb & Toe)
Gt/Pd Reversible(Thumb & Toe)
Sw/Pd Reversible(Thumb & Toe)
Setter Piston
General Cancel
16 Divisional Memory Levels
16 General Memory Levels