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Private House Organ of Raymond Russell, Malahide, Dublin 17

RegionCo. Dublin - Dublin city
Uploaded byMatthew Breen
J.W. Walker & Sons Ltd (2004)
Paul Neiland (2004)
Derek Verso/The Finetuning Company (2011)

This instrument is a mechanical-action organ by Neiland.
Derek Verso has maintained it for several years and also carried out some changes to the pipework. He replaced the old, metal "Stopped Diapason" with a new wooden rank.
Derek also swapped the pipework of the upper manual's 4' and 2' stops with each other. He transposed the ranks and added the necessary new octaves. The Gemshorn is tapered and the Flute is of dulciana scaling.

The shared bass/extension scheme is as follows. The "Stopped Diapason 8" shares its bass with the "Open Diapason 8" (C1-B1). These same pipes are also used in the middle octave of the "Bourdon 16". The "Flute 4" shares its bass with the "Principal 4".

The coupler is a mechanical hitch-down pedal.

Lower Manual
Open Diapason8
Upper Manual
Stopped Diapason8
Lower to Pedal