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Christ Church Cathedral

RegionCo. Dublin - Dublin city
Uploaded byKate Manning
Kenneth Jones and Associates (1984)
Flentrop Orgelbouw (2004)

Left jamb: left column
Oboe 8
Cornopean 8
Double trumpet 16
Scharf iii-iv 1
Sesquialtera ii 2 2/3
Gemshorn 2
Wood Flute 4
Principal 4
Gedackt 8
Salicional 8
Celeste 8

Left jamb: right column
Cromorne 8
Tierce 1 3/5
Gemshorn 2
Nazard 2 2/3
Rohrflute 4
Stopped Diapason 8

Choir to Swell
Swell to Great
Choir to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal

Right jamb: left column
Great Tremulant

Clarion 4
Bass Trumpet 8
Trombone 16
Mixture iv 2 2/3
Fifteenth 4
Bass Flute 8
Octave 8
Bourdon 16
Principal 16
Open Wood 16

Right jamb: right column
Trumpet 8
Scharff iii 1
Mixture iv 2
Tierce 1 3/5
Open Flute 2
Fifteenth 2
Nazard 2 2/3
Nachthorn 4
Octave 4
Rohrflute 8
Principal 8
Quintaton 16

NB: No drawstop for Pedal Contra Trombone 32; operable by reversible piston (see below)

Manual compass: CC-g’’’
Pedal compass: CC-f
Temperament: Equal
Order of manuals: Great I, Swell II, Choir III
Disposition of departments:
Choir in “Brust” position above console; Great in centre of case; Swell at top of case
Pedal behind Great, with larger bass pipes at rear and in base of case


Reversible pistons (with light indicators) above Choir manual, from left to right:
Ped 32’; Ped on Sw thumb; Gens on Sw toe; Gens on Ped toe; Gt&Ped pistons cpld

In Choir keyslip, from left to right:
generals 1234; Ch/Ped; divisionals 123456; generals 5678

In Swell keyslip, from left to right:
gen previous; Ch/Sw; Sw/Ped; divisionals 12345678; gen advance

In Great keyslip, from left to right:
setter; Sw/Gt; Gt/Ped; divisionals 12345678; gen advance; cancel

To left of Swell pedal:
Sw trem; Gt trem; Sw divisionals 8642; gen previous
Ch/Ped; Sw/Ped; Sw divisionals 7531; Sw/Gt

To right of Swell pedal:
gen advance; Ped divisionals 2468
Gt/Ped; Ped divisionals 1357; Ped 32’

Eight memory banks. Each bank offers 16 channels for divisional pistons and 96 (with stepper) for generals.