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Church of St Peter & St Paul, Athlone

RegionCo. Westmeath
Uploaded byRay O'Donnell
Gray & Davison (no year given)
H. Ireson (1963)

This is a substantial instrument, which is unfortunately in an advanced state of neglect and is now unplayable. According to one plaque on the console, it was built by Gray & Davison, with no year given; another plaque says "Overhauled and modernised 1963, H. Ireson, Organ Builder, Dublin".


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Hi Ray,

Is that instrument a three-manual? I've only seen it from the floor of the church, and in that vast space it didn't look all that big. Gray and Davison were nearing the end by the 1930s, so it'd be interesting to know more about that organ. Did you make a note of the spec and, if so, is there a lot of extension in the scheme? Does it have any "big stuff" on it such as an Open Wood or full compass 16' reeds?