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Ballygar parish church, Co. Galway

RegionCo. Galway - County
Uploaded byRay O'Donnell

Ballygar is in the extreme north-east of Co. Galway, right on the border with Co. Roscommon, and the Catholic parish church is right in the centre of the village. The organ is positioned in the centre of the choir gallery, at the back of the church. It has one manual of 56 notes and a flat pedal board of 30 notes. The case is very attractive, featuring a considerable amount of ornate wood carving; unfortunately no indication is given of the builder or date of the instrument, though it would appear to be the work of the mid-19th century.

Most of the organ is enclosed in a large swell-box, the only exceptions being the pedal Bourdon and the manual Open Diapason - this last is mostly in the façade, with the larger pipes hidden behind the case. The action is mechanical throughout; the swell-pedal is of the "spoon" type to the right of the pedal board, and there are also two combination pedals.

Manual (enclosed)
Open Diapason (unenclosed)8
Flute Harmonic4
Couplers & Accessories
Manual to Pedal
Swell octave